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vocalpianist is a girl who signed up 5 years ago. She owns just 55 Kpops and was last seen here about 3 years ago

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  • Posted by Sooyoung2121 · 22 Kpops · 3 years ago  

    your welcome!!! what's you fav kpop group!?

  • vocalpianist
    vocalpianist My favorite, hmm...tough choices. I will have to say the old and new DBSK, JYJ. What about you?
    3 years ago
  • Posted by iannemirambel VIP CREW · 3,402 Kpops · 3 years ago  

    Help me win by liking this Photo Link Thank you!!!

  • vocalpianist
    vocalpianist What is this for?
    3 years ago
  • Posted by KPOPfan VIP · 36,220 Kpops · 3 years ago  

    Hello there! How are you?

  • vocalpianist
    vocalpianist Hi! I am doing amazing! How about you?
    3 years ago
  • Posted by aleepopzs02 VIP · 93,663 Kpops · 3 years ago  

    hi thre

  • vocalpianist
    vocalpianist Hello! ^^
    3 years ago
  • Posted by aleepopzs02 VIP · 93,663 Kpops · 4 years ago  


  • Posted by KPOPfan VIP · 36,220 Kpops · 4 years ago  

    Hello thanks for the add!!
    I know u have been on here for 10 months but i was wondering did you know that if you reply on people wall they would know you reply because it will show up in their nofications. Not trying to sound annoying, just through you should know.

    btw where are you from?

  • vocalpianist
    vocalpianist HI! You're welcome! I actually didn't know that because I didn't come on a whole lot until just recently. Thanks for telling me! :)

    I am from Seoul Korea but I live in the US. You?
    4 years ago
  • Posted by Diane VIP · 31,773 Kpops · 4 years ago  

    Hi!!! :D

  • vocalpianist
    vocalpianist Hello! :)
    4 years ago Meet new Asian friends! Over 2,000,000 members!