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About me

Heey ! =)) My name is Gabriele ^__^ Im from Lithuania =P if yhu want to know more about me... Read on or ask me something you want to know hehe.. Im friendly and don't bite so dont hesitate to leave a comment I'll get back to yhu soon ^__^ Byee <3

My favorite artists and albums

I love LOTS of K-Pop artist ... my top 10..
1. BigBang
2. U-Kiss
3. B2ST
4. Teen Top
5. 2NE1

How do I spend my free time

With friends ^___^

My favorite movies

Nineteen <3

My favorite series

IRIS forever <3
i also like
Boys Over Flowers,
Mary Stayed Out All Night,
Athena : Godess Of War,
1 Litre Of Tears,
Cinderella's Sister <3

and i LOVE Naruto ^_^

Things I like

K-Pop <3 K-Dramas <3 My Friends ^___^

Things I dislike

Hm... Justin bieber? =DD hehehe... and mushrooms =O Meet new Asian friends! Over 2,000,000 members!