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kateuu is a girl who signed up 4 years ago. She owns just 111 Kpops and was last seen here about 4 years ago

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    • Posted by yossiegloria VIP · 1,303 Kpops · 4 years ago  

      hey, dear, I've already sent an email for you :)
      thanks for your greetings :)
      nice to know you though :D

    • Posted by Ichimaru VIP · 214 Kpops · 4 years ago  

      hello O:) welcome to GKP O:)
      I'm Ichi nice to meet you O:)

    • Posted by xiaotinkey VIP · 124,485 Kpops · 4 years ago  

      i think being friends here is better. :)
      hope you'll add me. :)

    • Posted by molinda VIP · 3,924 Kpops · 4 years ago  

      hello welcome 2 GKP
      hav a gr8t time here
      add me if u like :) :D :p ;)

    • Posted by chelzy21 VIP · 12,005 Kpops · 4 years ago  

      ?????????! annyeong haseyo!
      Welcome to GKP!
      Have Fun Here! Enjoy!~
      Add me If u want!~ :) :D ;) O:) :cool: :moved:

    • Posted by markyu VIP · 14,312 Kpops · 4 years ago  
      add me pls..........................

    • Posted by sjseok · 273 Kpops · 4 years ago  

      hi...hope you enjoy here.and correct there r no boundaries or rules for true love and i am glad you liked my profile and stepped first to be friends.i wish we could become good friends...(''-'')

    • Posted by HeartSeobie VIP · 5,321 Kpops · 4 years ago  
      O_O a new person
      Annyeong :D
      welcome to GKP
      Hope you'll enjoy it here
      And add me if you want ^^ O:)

      if you don't then:
      kidding ^^

    • Posted by BongCha VIP · 6,275 Kpops · 4 years ago  

      annyeonghaseyo :)
      welcome and have fun on GKP O:)
      don't 4get to add me
      :cool: >.<

    • Posted by Daezy VIP · 4,712 Kpops · 4 years ago  

      Hi! welcome to GKP..have a great time here :moved: :moved:
      add me if you like ;)

    • Posted by xiaotinkey VIP · 124,485 Kpops · 4 years ago  

      hello welcome to GKP.
      hope we can be friends.
      add me. thanks. :)
      btw enjoy here. :) Meet new Asian friends! Over 2,000,000 members!