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  • fashion Teen Top Photoshoot for 'Ceci' Magazine

    TV Daily reported that in the recent summer photoshoot for 'Ceci'- a fashion magazine, Teen Top members displayed their unique charms by showing a different look from what has been seen on stage.

    As translated by OurSupaLuv, Teen Top was different from the wildness and masculinity they gave off on stage. Changjo posed with a female model, both having a paper airplane on their heads. C.A.P wears a variety of caps showing off his unique fashion sense. While the two plays around with something to put on their head, the short members L.Joe and Ricky used a new item - 'the stone height enhancers' to make themselves look taller which then made everyone on the set laugh.

    In the meantime, as reported in OurSupaLuv, Top Media has released a schedule of Teen Top's 3rd mini album teaser video which will start today (May 23rd) at 19:00 KST onwards over 4 days. They will be releasing a different themed-series of teaser videos. The 3rd mini album will be officially released on the 30th.

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    23 May, 2012 at 06:15 am by SallePara
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