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  • breaking music Sistar and Boyfriend 1st Fan Meeting in Singapore

    Sparking off the showcase, Boyfriend performed their hit song Don’t touch my girl then followed by games and chitchat with their fans. The-member group is composed of Kim Dong Hyun, Hyun Seong, Lee Jeong Min, Jo Young Min, Jo Kwang Min and No Min Woo who further pumped up the atmosphere with their performances of Confession, You and I[/i] and Boyfriend. Following Boyfriend’s showcase was the 4 sexy girls of Sistar. Hyorin, Soyou, Bora and Dasom invoked loud cheers from the audience with their performances of Push Push and How dare you. Lucky fans were chosen onto stage to interact with the girls. There is also a mini live dance tutorial as they taught the fans on stage to dance a small chorus segment of “Ma Boy”. They ended with Ma Boy and So Cool, showcasing their amazing vocals and sexy choreography.
    As the last performance, it was Boyfriend and Sistar performed Pink Romance, ending the fan meet with a high note a bang.

    Here's an exclusive interview with Boyfriend and Sistar.

    1) What type of Boyfriend do you all want to be? Romantic, funny or macho?
    Answer: They want to be one who always develop themselves and try to be the best.

    2) What do they think makes them stands out from the other male group?

    Answer: They feel that they have diverse characteristic, they are not just taking to one trade. They have the cute side and also have the manly side which attracts people.

    3) Elaborate on what quality in them makes them the best boyfriend

    Answer: They feel that the ideal type of boyfriend is one who always stay by the side of their girlfriend and be there for them.

    4) If you can shoot your own CF what will it be?

    Answer: (Kwangmin) have already experience being in a commercial, if given a choice he would like to be feature in a drinks commercial, so he can drink.

    5) Fan meeting with other countries.

    Answer: They are planning to have a fan meet in Thailand during March, they hope to meet lots of fans there.

    6) As a male group, do you all have any other senior male group which you guys look upon as role model?

    Answer: (Minwoo) looks up to SHINee, as he thinks they have awesome stage presence, and always put up awesome performance. He love everything about them.

    7) Is there any unique habit which each of your member has?

    Answer: (Minwoo) unique has habit of talking and answering himself in his sleep. The other 5 members think that (Youngmin) sleep the most in the group, but he explained that he doesn’t sleep a lot, is just that he can’t really hear people waking him up.

    8) What do each of the member collect?

    Answer: (Donghyun) love shopping, collect different clothes. (Kwangmin) use to love Pokémon, and after the fans found out about it, they start sending him all kind of thing got to do with Pokémon, and so he started collecting it due to his fans & his favourite character is Pikachu.


    Sistar is thankful to be here and they actually feel that Singapore fans very passionate, they are excited to see that Singapore is such a clean and nice city.

    1) How do Sistar find time to train and keep fit?

    Answer: although they are very busy and got a lot of schedule, they do a lot of stretching & simple exercise at home on their own

    2) As we know Singapore is famous for their food, and food is very hard to resist for girl. What is their favourite food and do they know any food about Singapore?

    Answer: Sistar tried the chilli crab when they came yesterday, and Dasom actually been to Singapore 10 years ago for holiday and tried chilli crab then.

    3) Dasom was here 10years ago, does she still remember what some attractive things about Singapore are? Like food/places?

    Answer: Dasom feel that Singapore is as clean, the people is as warm as 10years back, the only different she thinks is that there are more modern skyscraper . Singapore is more modernized now.

    4) Member talks about their experience. (Hyorin in DreamHigh2, Bora in Invincible Youth S2 and other variety shows)

    Answer: Hyorin thinks that the character of NANA in dream high 2 is much more tone down & feminine as compared to her actual character which was more lively & cheerful. And as for the variety show the members were actually surprise by their own athletic sense in a way, they didn’t know that they are so good in running. And they try their hardest to win the game.

    5) What is the coolest thing about each member?

    Answer: Dasom think that Hyorin will not bear grudge. Overall they think that each another has very cool character, lively & cheerful

    6) For the So Cool album, we heard that Soyou loss 8kg for the album. Did the other members do any special training to get their curve? And who have the best curve?

    Answer: They don’t feel that they are too skinny, and due to their busy schedule they can’t really exercise a lot. So they try to do a little exercise themselves here & there and try to avoid fatty food.

    7) As Hyorin have gone on drama and variety show, so what does the others members like to tryout?

    Answer: Dasom personally is interesting in actor and as for the members if given a chance they would like to try out in different areas.

    8) As Sistar always travel around to performance, do you guys have any travel tips when travel to those countries? What weather do you all prefer?

    Answer: They are more concern about what they eat, drink more water, sleep as early as they can and use face masks at night. All members prefer warm weather and as Korea is so cold now, when they arrived in Singapore they fell in love with the weather here

    9) What Sistar thinks about other group from other country performing their song and do you have any role model that they look upon to?

    Answer: Sistar were taken aback by NYE (Indonesia cover group) performance as even thought they are all guys but they copy Sistar every move almost perfectly and they got so much passion and they are really talented people, and hope that more people will do Sistar cover. Their role model is Destiny’s Child, because they feel that destiny’s child have very powerful vocal as well as they put up awesome performances for their fans which make them looks upon them when they start off as a singer.

    Special thanks to Launch Group for giving us the opportunity to cover this event.

    Article: Lim Wei Xuan
    Interview transcriptions: Calvin Chia

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