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    breaking general Actress Jung Ayul Commits Suicide

    Jung Ayul who just started off her career recently ended her life by committing suicide.

    According to a representative from her agency, Ayul was found by her manager and family in her house on June 12th. It was reported that she hanged herself. She was rushed to hospital immediately, unfortunately it was too late.

    The representative stated that they thought she was suffering from depression and they’re panic as well because it happened so sudden. Ayul had just started her acting career not long ago too and they have no idea about why she decided to end her life.

    Police is currently investigating the reason behind her death. On a side note, it seems like Ayul might be suffering from depression. On June 11th, she updated her facebook status with "Nothing consoles me"

    Ayul acted as Hwang Sun Hee’s friend in KBS2’s TV novel, Dear Love.

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    14 June, 2012 at 07:42 am by redfaith

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