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Tiffany was born in San Francisco, California, and grew up in Diamond Bar as the youngest of three siblings. She auditioned at the SM Starlight Casting System and joined the company in October 2004 in Los Angeles. She was trained at SM for 3 years and 7 months. She graduated from Korea Kent Foreign School in April 2007, but Tiffany attended primary school in California in South Pointe Middle School (US) and Diamond Bar High School (US).
- Tiffany speaks fluent English and Korean.
- Tif...

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  • Posted by pedel CREW SONE · 96,245 Kpops · 103 shares · 8 months ago  
    ..Angelic smiles!! O:)

  • Posted by pedel CREW SONE · 96,245 Kpops · 103 shares · 9 months ago  

    [News] Adorable Tiffany is too cute with her cheer dance :moved:
    Recently, Tiffany joined in filming for "Fashion King Korea" of SBS. At here, Tiffany has performed a free dance, to cheer the atmosphere at the set.

    Tiffany appeared very pretty and gorgeous in a red wine dress - the colour of the most trend, this can show a true fashionista. To gain more energy for the makers of the show and the show's members - who will go along with Tiffany while the filming, Tiffany performed her own free dance and let everyone at the waiting room very excited.

    A member in the makers of the show revealed:"Though it's not a special dance but it's a very adorable dance and has thoughts in it, which encouraging the makers' spirit as well as members joined the show."

    "Fashion King Korea" is a competitive show. At here, the members who joined are representative fashionistas in idols, and be chosen by different famous fashion brands, the designer will have to create fashion products to compete others. Constants members of the show are SNSD Tiffany, Bora (Sistar), Yoon Gun, Lee Ji Hoon, Kim Na Young, Boom, Lim Dong Wook và Choo Mi Rim.

    The show's first episode will be broadcast on 17th November.

    Source:; Translation: totoropie @TheSoneSource

  • Posted by pedel CREW SONE · 96,245 Kpops · 103 shares · 10 months ago  

    Third quarter of 2013 Fany collections (Part 1) <3
    ..I estimated the poster is around 5' (150cm).. :crazy:

  • Posted by pedel CREW SONE · 96,245 Kpops · 103 shares · 10 months ago  

    Happy Chuseok Fanytastics!! <3
    ..she had said dat she dun look good in hanbok but I must say she's really pretty here!! :blush:

  • Posted by pedel CREW SONE · 96,245 Kpops · 103 shares · 11 months ago  

    Fany@Incheon Airport ( <3
    Sones! Dun forget to vote!! :moved:
    ==> Who's Your Favorite K-Pop Artist? VOTE!!

  • Posted by KPopDreamer SONE · 22,326 Kpops · 12 months ago  

    ! Birthday !

    GIRLS' GENERATION Brighter Than Jewels / Manager Hwang TIFFANY

    #‎Happy25thPinkMonsterDay‬ ‪#‎파니야생일축하해‬

    Happy Birthday to you ! All the best to your careers and may you'll always smiling happily with your dearest 8 sisters, so SONEs can see your eye-smile every time ! ^_-

    Pictures are credit to the rightful owners

    ! Anniversary !

    #9irls6eneration #6irls9eneration #6yearswithSNSD Girls' Generation, it's you, bringing me to K-Pop world ! Thanks for giving SONEs great music ! All the best to 9 of you !

    BONUS :-

    Girls' Generation (LINE Ver.)

    Pictures are credit to the rightful owners, I'm just sharing . . .

    From KPopDreamer@gokpop / Love_SNSD_4ever_93@soshified , (Malaysia SONE, Yuki Yap)

    - Love_SNSD_4ever_93 -

  • Posted by linnahmoon SONE · 12,096 Kpops · 7 shares · 12 months ago  

    Happy Birthday to our beautiful Tiffany!!

    “I’d like to have Fany’s bright and positive personality. I really like to learn her toughness and positive mind that allow her to persistently overcome any fears.” - Sunny

    “Tiffany has an ability to capture people’s heart.” - Sung ShiKyung

    Thank you for existing, Tiffany! We love you <3

    source: tumblr

  • Posted by pedel CREW SONE · 96,245 Kpops · 103 shares · 12 months ago  

    #Happy25thPinkMonsterDay!! <3
    <3 Always keep on smiling brighter than mushroom Fany! Fany! Tiffany!! <3

  • Posted by pedel CREW SONE · 96,245 Kpops · 103 shares · 1 year ago  

    Fany @ CeCi Magazine August,HQ Scan!! <3
    ..Hotness overloads!! :crazy:

    credits: TheSoneSource & CompleteBliss

  • Posted by KPopDreamer SONE · 22,326 Kpops · 1 year ago  

    Maknae's birthday ^^

    #HappyBirthdaySeohyun #서현아생일축하해 Seohyun, may your wish will come true ! And good luck to your career !

    From Malaysia SONE (MySONE), Yuki aka KPopDreamer
    - Love_SNSD_4ever_93 -

  • Posted by KPopDreamer SONE · 22,326 Kpops · 1 year ago  

    Happy Belated Birthday to a member, who shares the same fact (eye-smile) with you, Sunny ^^

    #Happy25thSunnyDay #순규야생일축하해

    Sunny, happy birthday ! Always smiling in your life ! And, all the best for your careers !

    - Love_SNSD_4ever_93 -

  • Posted by KPopDreamer SONE · 22,326 Kpops · 1 year ago  

    SNSD Brighter Than Jewels Tiffany

    Good luck for SNSD Asia Tour Concert ^^

  • Posted by pedel CREW SONE · 96,245 Kpops · 103 shares · 2 years ago  

    Photographer Cho Saehyun recently complimented Tiffany on MBC 'Good Day',
    from when he worked with her for the ninth edition of the Letter from Angels project. He recalled, "During Tiffany's shoot, we encountered a situation where the baby suddenly peed. At that moment, Tiffany said, "Babies' pee can be like medicine. It's good for your body".
    Tiffany doesn't just have a pretty face, but she's a star with a pretty heart as well. After that, I look at Tiffany from a different light."

    credits: TheSoneSource

  • Posted by KPopDreamer SONE · 22,326 Kpops · 2 years ago  

    SNSD Brighter Than Jewels Tiffany

    Tiffany, see you smiling giving every SONE a happy day !
    Wish you all the best in your career as an MC for Music Core, singer among SNSD and SNSD-TTS ^^

  • Posted by KPopDreamer SONE · 22,326 Kpops · 2 years ago  

    SNSD Brighter Than Jewels Tiffany ^^

    Wish you all the best in career as MC at Music Core and singer among SNSD !

  • Posted by pedel CREW SONE · 96,245 Kpops · 103 shares · 2 years ago  

    This is a true story I want to share with everyone although it has been posted by oniontaker once but since he deleted his blog, I’m reposting this to let everyone know. I do not own anything from this post, all credits goes to oniontaker and soompi.

    O:) Tiffany: The True Story of an Angel O:)
    These are the sketches of an artist’s experiences, on real-life happenings while living in Seoul. This has been up for years but has only recently come into international prominence after being highlighted on television by Mnet WIDE.

    This is the true story of his encounter with the trainee “Stephanie Hwang”, before she became Tiffany of Girls’ Generation.

    One cold winter, the artist stumbled across a drunk old man collapsed on the street.
    Concerned, he called for an ambulance and waited.
    Not concerned enough to forgo a smoke, he walked into the nearest convenience store for cigarettes.
    Some people stopped by the old man and looked worried, but ultimately, when the artist returned outside with his cigarettes and a can of warmed coffee, the old man was alone.

    The artist stood waiting nearby, finishing his coffee and smoke, watching people pass by without helping the old man. Feeling cold and tired, he stood by the convenience store, wondering when the ambulance would arrive.
    That was when a certain clumsy young girl with a beaming smile burst out of the store, rushing to the old man.

    The artist watched as the girl gave the old man a warmed canned coffee for each of his hands, before taking off her own jacket to keep the freezing man warm.
    And as though inspired by her compassion, passers-by stopped to help Tiffany keep the man warm, offering their kindness and whatever they could. Even the convenience store worker stepped out to help her.

    The rest of the story, I will let the artist tell the tale:
    SNSD Tiffany brings many of her fans inspiration as an idol.

    But the true Tiffany that has been there since the 1st of August 1989, Stephanie Hwang, is just as inspirational. Her kind heart probably saved a man’s life that day, her selfless courage to help another person in need inspired others to be like her and find humanity in the concrete jungle of a city, while her infectious smile would leave a lasting impression on those that were present that day.
    To know that there are people out there that faithfully follow the lessons of the parable of the Good Samaritan is another reason for us to regain faith in ourselves as a society. To know that there are such small, yet so genuine gestures of altruism brings me great hope in our future.

    So I hope after this people would stop judging Tiffany. Is this what you call rude? Is this what you call fake? She’s an angel, a walking angel and you absolutely have no proofs to say negativities about her. Of course she has her own flaws, I mean she’s human too but other than that she’s beautiful, inside and out. Compared to her, haters are nothing. But you still have the chance to get to know her more instead of wasting your time to judge her. Grow up.


  • Posted by KPopDreamer SONE · 22,326 Kpops · 2 years ago  

    ! Message !

    Happy 5th Anniversary to SNSD !
    Wish, 9 of you, will always stay happy and cheerful together, FOREVER !

    I'll always be a SONE, and love you, FOREVER !
    SNSD, thanks for making SONEs life's, COMPLETE <3

    Images are credit to the rightful owners ~

    - Love_SNSD_4ever_93 -

  • Posted by linnahmoon SONE · 12,096 Kpops · 7 shares · 2 years ago  

    Happy birthday, Tiffany !!!!

    You are the most adorable girl I know! You are so kind, genuine and strong! You're an inspiration to me! Tiffany, I love you from the bottom of my heart!
    When I first saw "gee" you were the one that captivated my heart and when I listen to a song I'm always eager to listen to your husky voice!
    Besides, your eye smile is so charming and it's enough to make me smile :)

    I wish you the best, Tiffany! Hope you have a great day!!

    (gifs & photo: tumblr)

  • Posted by Sooyoung2121 SONE · 22 Kpops · 1 shares · 2 years ago  

    Dear Tiffany,
    You are beautiful,caring,passionate,lovable,hardworking and now 23 years old.

    From Coming Into The New World

    To being bedazzled by a boy in saying "Gee"

    To granting wishes and being a "Genie"

    To confessing your love to a boy and hoping for the best saying "Oh!"

    Transforming into a Black Soshi.. repeating "Run Devil Run"

    Then warning her boyfriend to stay close she continuously said "Hoot"

    Then tranforming into a taxi driver in Mr.Taxi.

    Then finally showing her amzing vocals in SNSD's First Japanese Album "Girls' Generation"

    Then in a mature stlye and a powerful comeback, showed "The Boys" how girls do it

    Then forming with fellow snsd members showing a "Twinkle"-ing attitude

    Then again with a Japanese comeback showing her party style and charisma ,she showed the "Paparazzi" her amazing ratatata!!

    Tiffany may you keeping growing in beauty,talent,and love!


  • Posted by pedel CREW SONE · 96,245 Kpops · 103 shares · 2 years ago  

    -,-'-={@STEPHANIE HWANG MI YOUNG@}=-,-'-
    Its been 5 years now dat I came to know you, brighter than mushroom Fany! Fany!! Tiffany!!! So I dare to say, I LOVE YOU TIPANI~ <3 (SNSD - Tiffany "Do you love Kyungsan?")

    Reasons to love Tiffany Hwang: (in no particular orders :) )

    - Her Trademark Eye-Smiles - Tiffany Eye Smile

    - Her Husky Voice - Tiffany - Rolling In The Deep

    - Her Caring Attitude - also the origin of "Twinkle" trademark, "AUWW!!!~"

    - Her Bug Rap - I'll be ur bug-hero :cool:

    - Love her speaking English - I'm gonna make history~ ;)

    - Love her even if she didn't bath - Goddess dun need too O:)

    - Love her when she mad - I dun mind being mad at I guess :crazy:

    - Love her even if.. - still "'Yeppeuni" <3

    "As a Fanytastics member, I promise to love and cherish all that is pink, to remain secretive with all my dancing mistakes, to outshine others with my aegyo and smiling eyes, and to do everything I can to spread the word about our Brighter than Gems Fany Fany Tiffany!!" <3

    credits: YouTube, TheSoneSource, Soshified Malaysia &

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    5 August , 2007
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    Older Brother (Leo - 1 year difference) & Older Sister (Michelle - 8 years difference)
  • education
    Korea - Kent Foreign School (graduate), Middle School - South Pointe (US), High School - Diamond Bar (US)
  • birthplace
    San Francisco, California, USA
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    Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish
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    162 cm
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    Dennis Oh
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    The Passion Of The Christ
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    Tiffany & Co (Jewelry)
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    Just work hard (Practice makes Perfect)
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    Eye smiles
  • specialties
    Flute, English
  • personality
    Caring and very emotional

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