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  • Posted by KPopDreamer 3 years ago · 03 Jan '13, 15:29pm  
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    3rd January 2013

    ! News ! - 1st post

    Update: Girls’ Generation Releases ‘I Got A Boy’ and Receives an All-Kill on Korean Charts

    Yuri and Yoona Win Awards at SBS and KBS ’2012 Drama Awards’ and Seohyun MCs for MBC’s ‘Gayo Daejejun’

    Girls’ Generation’s ‘Romantic Fantasy’ Comeback Program Airs on MBC

    Hyoyeon and Yuri to Be Special MCs on Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown’

    Girls’ Generation Excites Crowds at SMTOWN Pop-Up Store Visit

    Girls’ Generation Returns to ‘M! Countdown’ with ‘Dancing Queen’ and ‘I Got A Boy’

    Credits : Soshified

    - Love_SNSD_4ever_93 -

    I'm BACK !

  • pedel
    pedel 3 years ago My sister going to the store dis weekend!! Will be buying all Tiffany stuffs!! :crazy:
  • misiek
    misiek 3 years ago @pedel I'm so jealous of you
  • pedel
    pedel 3 years ago dun be jealous of me lolz.. I'm more jealous dat my sister went to Korea in the first place.. :crazy:
  • Posted by KPopDreamer 3 years ago · 03 Jan '13, 15:57pm  
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    3rd December 2012

    ! News ! - 2nd post

    SNSD Makes Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Sweat on ′Radio Star′

    Girls′ Generation (SNSD) has come to MBC’s Radio Star.

    According to the popular show’s producers, all nine of the SNSD members dropped by the MBC Dream Center in Ilsan on January 2 where they took part in the talk show’s recording.

    As expected, Radio Star’s male MCs all were melted by the charms and pretty looks of the SNSD members except for Super Junior’s Kyuhyun.

    According to the show’s producers, Kyuhyun, who has become known for his straight talk, was largely subdued as his SM labelmates shared stories and jokes about Kyuhyun, causing him to sweat bullets.

    The producers added, with both Kyuhyun and the SNSD members knowing a lot of things about one another, the members all moved to try and avoid bringing up any bombshell revelations about one another.

    With anticipation running high, the episode is expected to air in the coming weeks.

    Photo Credit: SM Entertainment

    Written by CJ E&M enewsWorld : Stewart Ho

    SM to Release Edited SNSD ′Dancing Queen′ MV Over Wardrobe Controversy

    SM Entertainment has responded to the minor controversy brought forth by SNSD’s wardrobe choice in its recent music video.

    After netizens began voicing their displeasure at the profanity-laced hat, worn in brief scenes by SNSD’s Sunny in the Dancing Queen music video, SM Entertainment responded it has begun editing the scenes in the music video.

    According to the agency, editing work is already being carried out and the new edited video would replace the original video upon completion.

    The agency added it wasn’t certain if the scenes in question would be edited using computer graphics or deleted altogether but nevertheless, the words some deemed offensive would not be seen in the edited version.

    Previously, netizens had spotted Sunny sporting caps during the closing portion of the Dancing Queen music video that read, ‘WELCOME MOTHERF*CKERS’, drawing fire from the public.

    Photo Credit: SM Entertainment

    Written by CJ E&M enewsWorld : Stewart Ho

    Via : Mnet where K-Pop starts! - MNET

    ! Hot Spots !

    SNSD I Got A Boy ranked 36th and SNSD Dancing Queen, from 4th place, ranked to 2nd in (1.3.2013) Billboard Korea K-POP Hot100 Top50
    Congrats ^^

    [INFO]I Got A Boy Interpretation
    [정보]I Got A Boy 해석 ( 노래가 중간에 바뀌는 이유 )

    At first, it's from another person's perspective, they are jealous and want to know why the girl changed so much because of a boy. Then at 2:02 Tiffany says "ayo stop let me put it down another way" and they start singing from the girl's perspective, the girl "who has a boy". Then at 3:41, I think the girl is somehow angry maybe because the boy is not giving her attention, but then Jessica comes at 4:02 and says "Don't stop, let's bring it back to 1:40" in the song, and the girl is happy again.

    처음엔 3자의 관점에서 소녀들이 왜 그 여자애 가 남자애 때문에 그렇게나 많이 바뀌었는지 질투하고 있는 모습이다. 그 후, 2:02 부분에서 티파니가 "AYO, 다르게 가보자"고 하며 "(위에 서 말한)남자애를 가진" 소녀의 관점에서 노래 하기 시작한다. 3:41초 부분을 보면, 소녀는 그 남자애가 자기한테 관심이 없는 것같아 화가 난 듯 보이는데, 4:02 부분에서 제시카가 "끝내 지 말고 1:40로 돌아가자"고 하며, 소녀는 다시 기분이 좋아진다.

    From my perspective, the song has multiple personality disorder. xP So, I think in the beginning they are talking as if they are other girls, like girls who see how this girl has changed so much for this guy. And when the song changes at 2:02, it changes perspective to the girl actually did change, and she is talking about how much she likes this guy. at 3:41 the girl is mad for some reason, but then at 1:40 they decide to forget why they are mad ad be happy about this boy again. (?) O.O

    내가 봤을땐, 이 곡에는 다중 인격장애가 있는 것 같다. XP(웃는 표현) 그래서, 나는 처음에는 소녀들이 이 소녀가 이 남자때문에 왜 이렇게 많이 변했는지에 관심을 갖는 소녀들로서 이야 기를 하고 있는 거라고 생각한다. 그리고 나서 2:02 부분에서 노래가 바뀔 때, 노래가 남자 때문에 변하게 된 소녀의 관점으로 변하면서 자기가 얼마나 이 남자를 좋아하는지 이야기하 고 있다. 3:41초 부분에서는 이 소녀가 어떤 이 유로 좀 화가 났지만, 1:40초 부분으로 돌아가 면서 그런 거 잊어버리고 그 남자를 찬양하기로 하는거임.
    가사에서 영어를 해석해야 노래를 이해 할수 있습니다.


    00:00 소녀들이 다른 여자애가 자기가 좋아하는 남자애 때문에 그렇게나 많이 바뀌었는지 질투함

    02:02 그 남자애를 가진 소녀의 관점을 봄 ( 가사 : 티파니 - Ayo Stop Let me put it down another way )

    03:41 그 남자애가 자신(소녀)에게 관심이 없는 것같아 화가남 ( 가사 : 티파니 - 난 정말 화가 나 죽겠어 )

    04:02 끝내지 말고 01:40 으로 돌아가서 다시 기분이 좋아짐 ( 가사 : 제시카 - Don't stop Let's bring it back to 140 )

    * 여기서 나온 시간은 노래파일이 아닌, 뮤직비디오 시간으로 계산됩니다.

    출처 - 시스터스 "im real 님"
    via: Sosiz

    Posted by 티파니즘~ Tiffanism~ Tiffany Fanclub

    Who fits the concept for 'I got A Boy' the best?
    Feel free to vote for your favorite ^^

    - Love_SNSD_4ever_93 -

    ARGH ! Reading pedel's post, making me want to make a spazzer moment for myself ! XD

  • pedel
    pedel 3 years ago Hmm.. Who should I vote for eh?? hehe :p
    Everyone should spazz bout their bias too!! Come on Sones!! :blush:
  • misiek
    misiek 3 years ago I've already voted
  • MissyMaguire
    MissyMaguire 3 years ago <3 My Yuri is #4 <3
  • KPopDreamer
    KPopDreamer 3 years ago I vote for Taeyeon ^^
  • Posted by CuteGirl 3 years ago · 04 Jan '13, 09:48am  
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    <3 <3 Love SNSD so much.. <3 <3

  • KPopDreamer
    KPopDreamer 3 years ago Haha, Cindy, is that you ? Do you recognize me ? Welcome to SNSD forum thread ! I'm usually posting SNSD news here ! Hope you'll meet new SONEs here ! Because, not just me only "working" in this forum ^^
  • pedel
    pedel 3 years ago Hey there Cindy, I could guess dis are ur top 4 biases eh? Cute pony-tailed Pani!! :blush:
  • CuteGirl
    CuteGirl 3 years ago Yes !! Hehe..
    Hmm.. you're Yuki??
    Is it right??
    Thank you.. ^^ :)
  • Posted by KPopDreamer 3 years ago · 04 Jan '13, 11:41am  
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    4th January 2013

    ! News !

    ‘I Got A Boy’ Music Video Breaks Record for the K-Pop Video to Hit 10 Million Views the Fastest
    GG, you're awesome ! Fighting ! I'm proud to be a SONE !

    Girls’ Generation Makes Their Comeback on ‘Music Bank’

    Credits : Soshified

    ! Poll !

    Update: Support Girls’ Generation by Voting for Soshified in Mnet’s ’2012 Best KPOP Fan-club Awards’

    Golden Disc Awards in Malaysia - VOTE For Your Favorite Artistes
    Support Girls' Generation by voting for I Got A Boy in MCountdown

    [Active] Who fits the concept for 'I got A Boy' the best?
    Vote for your favorite ^^

    [Active] Which Idol Rocks the Best Fashion?
    Vote for Sooyoung ^^

    - Love_SNSD_4ever_93 -

  • pedel
    pedel 3 years ago Which Idol Rocks the Best Fashion? Pani must had gave SooYoung a chance there somehow hehe :crazy:
  • KPopDreamer
    KPopDreamer 3 years ago @pedel : (-_- ;;;) I want to vote for all of them, but it only let me vote one among them !
  • Posted by KPopDreamer 3 years ago · 04 Jan '13, 12:12pm  
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    ! Translated Goodies !

    [MESSAGE][From. YOONA] 2013~!! [January 1st, 2013]

    Everyone~ How have you been?
    Did you end 2012 well?ㅋ
    Thanks to you, I ended my day well^^
    It's finally 2013~ Did you eat rice cake soup?ㅋ
    Personally, I was waiting for the new year to hurry and come hoping for more good things to happen.
    I'm happy starting the year at the same time as our album heh
    Though it really seems like it would split into either like or dislike, it's a new side of us,
    so I think we will have to work harder~ It's really a mental breakdown*… Hehe

    Happy new year~ And also always take care of your health, and be careful of the icy roads~
    SONE. Let's start running starting tomorrow!! Fighting keke

    *Note: This is part of Yoona's lyrics in I Got a Boy (멘붕/menboong/mental breakdown)

    Translated by ch0sshi

    Yoona, I admit, at 1st, I really feel weird when I watch I Got A Boy MV, and start to dislike. But, as I watched it one more time, I feel the outcome is awesome ! All of you try a new concept, for more challenging comeback ! ^^ Fighting to SNSD too, Yoona ! And, I'm happy, to see a new side of SNSD !

    ! Announcements !

    Introducing… Here Comes Soshified’s New Layout – 2013
    Nice !
    Ah, I forgot, Soshified anniversary is on 1st February ^^
    @pedel, it's easy for Malaysian to remember this ~ Do you get my point ?

    Credits : Soshified

    - Love_SNSD_4ever_93 -

  • pedel
    pedel 3 years ago 1st February as 0102 or 1,2.. err.. I dun get it coz my mind so full of Pani right now hehe :crazy:
  • KPopDreamer
    KPopDreamer 3 years ago @pedel : Are you working at KL area ? If it is, 1st of February is a public holiday, because it's "Wilayah Persekutuan" day ~
  • Posted by pedel CREW 3 years ago · 04 Jan '13, 17:19pm  
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    Fany Fancam!! <3
    130103 open studio tiffany fancam - Oh! My Pani!! Officially missing u too :blush:

    Pani Gifs Galore!! :moved:
    ..her bright eye-smiles, I just can't.. :crazy: too much cuteness overloads!! <3

    credits: YouTube &

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